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​Emergency after hours - 970.403.9397

Pregnancy Tests
Our pregnancy tests are hCG urine tests that are laboratory quality. Depending on the hormone levels of the woman these tests can read a positive pregnancy fairly early. When you have an appointment you will be with a staff or volunteer who will focus on your needs as well as talking with you through all your healthy options. Your pregnancy test will be self-administered.

If needed, a "Pregnancy Verification" will be completed for all positive tests. A record of your visit and the result of your pregnancy will be kept in confidence at Durango Pregnancy Center.

Baby's Mom Shop

Prenatal care and assistance in Durango is offered by the following organizations:
Four Corners OBGYN
1 Mercado Street, Suite 105 - Durango, CO 81301 (At Mercy Regional Medical Center)
Phone: 970-382-8800
Southwest Midwives
1 Mercado Street, Suite 145 - Durango, CO 81301 (At Mercy Regional Medical Center)
Phone: 970-247-5543

Nurse Family Partnerships

For first time pregnancies - nurse prenatal support

Phone: 970-335-2037

WIC - Women Infants and Children - supplemental nutrition program

​Phone: 970-335.2026

For Expectant Parents

We want you to have the best possible experience while you are pregnant and that comes through understanding what is going on with your body as well as what to expect at delivery!

Through our LIFE program we offer a twenty week curriculum of prenatal classes: what is going on in your body during pregnancy, fetal development, breastfeeding tips, birthing options, labor information, infant care and development plus much more.
For every ten minutes that you spend in our LIFE program you can earn one "BMS Buck" (Baby's Mom Shop Buck) that can be used towards anything in our Baby's Mom Shop or save them up and you can earn a new crib, car seat or larger baby item that you might need.

If you need only a portion of the classes, that is all right too! Our LIFE program is designed with you in mind. Make an appointment by giving us a call at970-247-5559

Baby's Mom Shop

Our Baby's Mom Shop (BMS) is stocked with donated, gently used baby clothes, maternity wear and numerous other baby items including diapers and formula. This shop is connected to our LIFE educational program. For every ten minutes you participate in the program you can "earn" one "BMS Buck" to be used in our Baby's Mom Shop (BMS) or towards the purchase of a new crib, car seat, Pack n Play, etc.

Donations are received by the community and carefully screened as to their quality.

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Peer Counseling and Support 
Whether you are a
young teenager who is terrified that you might be pregnant or a woman looking forward to becoming a mom, Durango Pregnancy Center is here to walk with you through your pregnancy. Our trained staff are prepared to listen and respond, without judgement, to whatever your circumstances might be.

Giving Support After an Abortion

We are not here to judge you if you have had an abortion. Sometimes women who have had abortions start experiencing emotional trauma immediately or even years later. Suffering in silence is not a healthy option! Don't be afraid to come in and talk with our trained staff about what you are feeling and experiencing.

For Parents

Perhaps you already have children and you think you need parenting tips or advice. Maybe it has been suggested by the court for you to complete parenting classes. At Durango Pregnancy Center our parenting classes are absolutely free! Working one on one with our client advocates you will learn, through a six week curriculum, what is needed to be able to interact with your kids positively and get a better result. If you're a first time parent, or a more experienced one, give us a call and make an appointment or stop by our offices. You will be given a certificate of completion if you successfully complete the six weeks.

​Hear a little more about our parenting classes! Give it a click!

First Choice Ultrasound 
Phone: 970-385-8451

If you are pregnant and need to sign up for medical insurance please contact -

Family Center of Durango
129 East 32nd Street - Durango, CO (across the   street from City Market North)
Phone: 970-385-4747

San Juan Basin Health
281 Sawyer Drive - Durango, CO (Bodo Park)
Phone: 970-247-5702

What We Offer

Everything offered by Durango Pregnancy Center is free of charge.

STI Testing
1 in 4 college students have an STI
STI (sexually transmitted infection) - you are a carrier of an STD but don't have any visible affects - yet. You can still infect a sexual partner.

Durango Pregnancy Center offers free testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea - two STIs that frequently don't show any symptoms right away. However, even though you don't have the symptoms you could be a carrier of these two and be infecting others.

Get tested at Durango Pregnancy Center for free. Lab results usually have a turnaround of approximately two days. Call to make an appointment! 970.247.5559

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