Do you have questions about what happens during pregnancy? It may seem like getting pregnant is easy because you know people who got pregnant their "first time." The truth is, getting pregnant is a miracle! There are lots of components that come together in how a baby begins. It really is not that simple! In fact a normal, healthy couple has about a 25% chance of getting pregnant during a woman's fertile cycle.

Durango Pregnancy Center provides valuable information regarding the development of the baby in utero as well as what to expect throughout your pregnancy. Being prepared and knowing what to expect during pregnancy and labor as well as once your baby arrives will ultimately help you feel more confident as a parent.

A support system is very important during pregnancy. We encourage you to invite friends and or family to be a part of the process.

We hope you will watch this great video, developed by two scientists and presented at TED Talks. The presentation shows how conception begins as well as the process of growth and development in the baby. We believe that, like us, you will say, "Wow! That is a miracle!"

A Baby Begins

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