Financial Gifts
When you donate financially to Durango Pregnancy Center you become a "life supporter" - helping support the life of a mother and her baby. Because the clients of Durango Pregnancy Center earn "BMS Bucks" they can save enough bucks for Durango Pregnancy Center to purchase a brand new crib, car seat, Pack and Play or some other large item that they need. If Durango Pregnancy Center did not exist in this community many needs would go unmet. Monies donated to Durango Pregnancy Center directly support the programs and services that are offered.

As any mother will tell you an infant goes through several diapers every day and this can pose a financial strain on many of our clients. We do have a limit on the number of diapers that our clients can take once a month, however, we are always in need. Our Baby's Mom Shop stocks diapers in sizes NB to 3.

These coincide with diapers and are "hot" items for our clients. We run out of them frequently!

Baby Clothes
Because our clients are "earning bucks" through the LIFE program, Durango Pregnancy Center is very careful about the quality of clothes we receive. All baby clothes should be absolutely stain-free and gently used. Sizes NB - 12 months only.

Maternity Clothes

Our Baby's Mom Shop is a place where our clients can select pieces that will meet their needs. 

Baby Extras
There are always those baby extras such as teething rings, pacifiers, bottles, etc. All these items must be brand new and in sealed packages. We cannot receive used items in this category.

Strollers, Jump Seats, Bouncy Seats, Pack and Play, Entertainment Saucers
As with all other donations items in this category must be in excellent working order. If batteries are used, please include a new set of batteries with the donation.

Formula -Infant Enfamil only

Donations are essential at Durango Pregnancy Center! Our clients are very appreciative of what they are able to "purchase" with their BMS bucks!

Due to federal regulations we cannot accept any of the following items:
Breast pumps
Car seats

Baby's Mom Shop


Durango Pregnancy Center provides material assistance through our Baby's Mom Shop as well as the purchase of new items such as cribs, Pack and Plays, car seats and other pieces of needed baby furniture. These items are earned by our clients as they participate in our LIFE educational program.

We welcome any of the following donations. Durango Pregnancy Center has very limited storage space. It is very important that all donations be washed thoroughly prior to donating to Durango Pregnancy Center.

Durango Pregnancy Center is an amazing resource!  I am so thankful that they exist and are available to pregnant women.

They helped me get a crib that I would not have been able to afford as well as offered a great birthing class!

DPC Client